Saturday, November 20, 2010

Long overdue....

I have begun blogs before, but gave up before the first post (hahaha). Now that I've actually started a post - I'm committed! The purpose of this blog is to record daily/weekly happenings in our family life, share our passions, thoughts (& sometimes frustrations) on homeschooling, but most importantly to share our faith.

Ours is a home of 6 plus 2 dogs. My husband, Tim, is a teacher/coach. I'm a stay at home wife/mom, and homeschooling teacher to our 4 children. Christian is in 3rd grade, Dakota is in 1st, Nevaeh is in Kindergarten & Nicole is pre-k. Then of course we have our sweet dogs - Jersey Belle 2yrs & Bruiser 11 mos.

Just like every other family - no two days are alike with ours! We never know what is going to happen or what might be spoken - hahaha!! We invite you to follow along with us on the Bragg Family Adventures - never know what you'll experience WITH us!